Demo: IOSH Managing Safely for Wind Power Refresher

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About the programme

This is no ordinary refresher. Learning experiences with ARMSA rarely are. Managing Safely for Wind Power Refresher is geared towards performance. Whether it be supply chain, operations, maintenance, major projects or engineering – it is designed to help you unravel this complex world to deliver work activity safely, effectively and efficiently.
Once again, we have teamed up with IOSH to stretch the boundaries of the standard syllabus. The refresher program takes a unique view of safety. You will learn about safety as an emergent property of business, its culture, its leadership and how decisions are made.
If you want to make a real difference, and tired of towing the line this program is designed for you. Put those tick boxes where they belong and start doing the right thing, right from the start. We guarantee that this program is like no other. If you don’t believe the trailblazers at ARMSA, check out these learning outcomes. And if you are still unconvinced, go ahead, test drive the demo!

What will you learn

Learning outcomes are designed to refresh and extend……..your knowledge:
  • Understand current and future developments in the wind power sector and how these influence health and safety risk and business performance.
  • Critically assess the business and personal motivations for safety
  • Assess your leadership maturity and understand the role of leadership in a health and safety management.
  • Understand the role of decision making in risk creation and mitigation.
  • Explain key components of the ‘Do’ stage of an OHSMS from a practical work management perspective.
  • Differentiate hazards from organisational and operational precursors.
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the client in internal and outsourced work supervision.
  • Explain proactive and reactive management techniques.
  • Identify leading operational and organisational KPIs that affect safety and business performance.
  • View continuous improvement from a systems thinking perspective and appreciate the dangers of suboptimal improvements.
  • Describe the key elements of the ‘Act’ stage of business-centric OHSMS.


Whether you are an asset manager, construction and projects professional, O&M manager, commercial manager or even team leader, this course is for you. However, you should first check if you are a certificate holder of the full IOSH approved Managing Safely for Wind Power programme. If in doubt, contact us and we will help you check that.


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