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Demo: Performance Support for Wind Power Professionals

SKU: D002


This one is for high-performing teams and individuals who are looking to maximise the impact of their decisions.

If this is you, then why not take these performance support sprints through their paces.

The purpose of performance support is to help you do things right, right from the start. It helps you understand the consequences of your decisions and provides you with choices that result in safer, more effective and efficient outcomes.

How often are your decisions time-constrained, cost-constrained and rushed because you didn’t have anyone to bounce your ideas off? This is what performance support is all about.

Constructed around the Leadership, Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle, our performance support portal comprises c.40 short video sprints supported by written transcripts. In the full version, you can connect with like-minded professionals from around the world to share challenges and solutions. Delivered using our innovative light board technology, by our consultants who have worked within the industry collectively for 20+ years.

Access to this demo is available for 10 days.


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