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The Great Leap Forward

Why changing the way that wind companies invest in improving managerial decision making skills will be a huge evolutionary jump towards wind farms that run optimally.
Making the case for
digital performance support

The wind industry has been through a transformational decade.

However, the focus on reducing costs and investing in digital asset management is taking attention away from how companies invest in another crucial area: how best to improve the skills of the workers who design, install, manage and maintain wind farms. This is an element often forgotten in the drive to run projects optimally.

With insights from experts across the wind industry this reports sets the scene for an approach that we expect to change the wind industry for the better, both in terms of project safety and productivity: digital performance support ‘in the workflow’.

The report draws upon a decade of direct experience seeding in the global wind industry a philosophy of informed decision-making.

Not ready to make an evolutionary jump with digital performance support?

Informed decision-making is a mindset we’ve been working to instil in the wind industry for a decade.  If you’re new to it, you may not want to head straight to the deep end.

The programme that started it all, our IOSH approved Managing Safely for Wind Power, is now available as an up-to-date, virtual programme and can be accessed here.

Ready to take your first steps towards digital performance support?

Informed decision-making is a mindset, and we’ve been working to instil it in the wind industry for a decade. 


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