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New ARMSA achievement pursues global impact

As a small business, there is no hiding – we all have to step up to the proverbial plate as we strive to improve the business in a responsible and ethical manner continuously. And that is exactly what we have all done. As a result of an unwavering commitment to shared values, along with some exceptional teamwork, we are proud to announce that ARMSA Academy has been accredited by the Good Business Charter (GBC).

Why is the GBC important to us?

The GBC is a national initiative in the UK which seeks to recognise businesses that prioritise ethical practices across various areas of their operations. It’s a concept that resonates with our company culture and individual personalities, so we’re absolutely delighted with the accreditation.

What is the GBC?

The GBC accreditation process involves a rigorous assessment of a company’s policies and practices across ten key areas, which include fair pay and employee wellbeing, environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing, and customer satisfaction, among others.

So, how did we do it?

We won’t deny it took a while to record, but when you believe in the process, we saw it as an excellent investment of our time. To cut a long story short, we had to demonstrate our commitment to high standards of ethical conduct and corporate social responsibility in the key areas.

People are our most valuable asset and the cornerstone of our success, so we are particularly proud of our accreditation in the fair pay and employee wellbeing category. We are constantly evaluating and striving to create an inclusive, positive and supportive work environment from interviews through to retirement (although admittedly, none of us has got there yet!)

Our commitment in this area starts from ensuring non-discrimination whilst screening and interviewing candidates with various fields like gender blocked out. Once in the team, we make sure that everyone receives fair compensation and benefits, as well as equal opportunities for professional development, well-being and career advancement.

The environment is our raison d’être, so as you can imagine, we take responsibilities in this area very seriously and are firmly committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Our actions here include implementing sustainable practices across operations, as well as endorsing and collaborating on green initiatives.

In the last year, ARMSA has attended many industry events here and abroad, donated to help the Renewable World’s wonderful work across the globe and partnered with One Tree Planted for a project in Mexico. We do this from our hearts as giving back is core to our belief system but also in a bid to set an example in the name of sustainability and environmental conservation.

We also prioritise ethical sourcing, making sure that we work with suppliers who share our unshakeable commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. This includes promoting fair labour practices and supporting local communities as much as we can through our supply chain.

Thank you

On behalf of everyone at ARMSA, we would like to express our appreciation not just to the GBC but also to everyone who has supported us at our events, courses and online. Your support inspires us to work even harder to the high standards of ethics and integrity we are determined to uphold.

Going forward, we are committed to continuing to prioritise ethical practices and maintaining our GBC accreditation. We see the accreditation as not only a recognition of our efforts to date but also a reminder of the importance of self-evaluation, ongoing improvement and accountability, both in and out of the workplace.

Thank you all!

ARMSA Academy.

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