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Can you afford to make critical decisions in functional silos?

How many different specialists and trades do you think are required to guide a wind farm through its lifecycle? The answer is up to 113, from planning and development, through construction and O&M, and onto decommissioning.

The decision-making processes for all roles that affect safety need to be streamlined, so that everyone – up, down and across the chain understands how their decisions interact to create or mitigate risk.

To support role-specific decision-making and facilitate this streamlining, ARMSA Academy studied key roles within wind power to identify the decision-makers that determine organisational effectiveness, plant efficiency and operational safety.

This was not easy. Over 18 months, we reviewed job descriptions, analysed accident and incident reports, talked to people and pilot tested.

From this research, five critical decision-making groups emerged: procurement and work package managers; project and construction managers; operations managers; asset managers; and lead technicians.

But we also recognised that the decision-making journeys of all these groups converge at critical points. Cross-departmental collaboration is at the core of improving decision-making integrity, especially in a high growth, rapidly developing sector. Decisions made at design and planning stages affect construction, O&M and later decommissioning .

So our performance support resources, or ‘sprints’, are tailored by role to aid insightful decisions within the wider context of the organisation, across the asset lifecycle. This equips individuals to understand the medium and long-term risks and opportunities of their own and others’ decisions.

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Can you afford to make critical decisions in functional silos? © 2021 by Rakesh Maharaj – ARMSA is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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