Performance Support for Operations Managers

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Operations managers in the power generation industry are working under more diverse conditions than ever before.

  • How can operations managers plan better and manage more effectively in the fast-changing business of energy delivery?
  • How do they ensure performance is maximised and value is retained, day in day out, without compromise?
  • How do they meet compliance needs when legacy assets are quickly being replaced by innovative new technologies?

From local assets to those that stretch across the borders, ARMSA Academy’s performance support sprints ensure operations managers are equipped with the insights and knowledge they need to make informed decisions in today’s changing energy landscape.

Content of this performance journey contains:

Master your leadership

  • What effect is your management style having in practice?
  • Leadership styles – which one is right for you?

What should be considered at the planning phase  

  • Operationalising the risk assessment process
  • The impact of technical specifications on risk
  • The effect of contracting strategies on risk
  • Planning for emergencies: are you covering all the scenarios?
  • The impacts of preventative and breakdown maintenance on risk
  • What is competence?
  • Growing your portfolio: what is organisational change?
  • The importance of job risk profiling when hiring staff
  • The wider benefits of management of change
  • Basics of applying construction safety regulation to operations and maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance strategy – what are the options?
  • The practical use of principles of prevention

Enhancing performance

  • The relationship between safety rules, risk assessments and work instructions
  • Practical application of Permit to Work
  • The relationship between work instructions, risk assessment and method statements
  • Reviewing risk assessments: improving operational control and reducing liability
  • Setting people to work effectively
  • Safe, effective and efficient delivery of work – a work management approach
  • The importance of sequential decision making on risk control
  • How to use RAMS to streamline O&M procedures?
  • What are the components of a standard operating procedure (AWP v RAMS)?
  • Do you have a robust enough Emergency Response organisation?
  • What to do if a HSE inspector calls?
  • Effective hazard identification.

Monitoring performance

  • Inspections and audits: is there a difference
  • Supervision and monitoring – is there a difference?
  • Comparing methods for investigating accidents and incidents
  • Leading and lagging indicators for safety
  • Choosing the right team for investigating accidents and incidents
  • The criticality of statutory inspections
  • Finding the true leading KPIs
  • Developing audit questions to do the right things right, not more of the wrong things right.
  • Using cause and effect to identify plant/contract specific KPIs
  • A practical approach to risk based monitoring

Learning lessons

  • Common pitfalls of the setting people to work process
  • Common pitfalls associated with risk assessments

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